Kyle Alexandra



We now offer E-consultations for a client that involves a one-hour phone conversation via Skype with a stylist and follow up email correspondence. A brief questionnaire will be emailed to you and we ask that you email it back us one day prior to the call so the KA Team can offer all of the very best suggestions to you. We may ask for a photo to be attached to the questionnaire.


During the consultation we will review your questionnaire and discuss your wardrobe needs, image goals and shopping struggles. We will offer suggestions for you in terms of different styles and colors that would be flattering on you according to your shape and coloring. We promise it will be a very eye opening experience.


We will be able to provide you will styling tips and tricks, recommend shops where you can find the pieces suggested and get you on your way to creating the very special wardrobe you have always wanted.


An email will be sent to you with links from different stores for various pieces in all of the flattering styles and colors we discuss during the call. You will just be a few clicks away from finally feeling confident and looking fabulous!