Kyle Alexandra

Welcome to our Book Boutique

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first Inspiring Confidence book, Inspiring Confidence for the New College Grad! "Inspiring Confidence for the New College Grad" is a self-help book for New College Grads teaching them what TO wear and NOT to wear for various office events from the interview to the holiday party.  It is a 32 page book featuring real university students with brilliant color "before & after" photos and invaluable wardrobe tips and suggestions for new grads who are going to start working in the "real world."  It is a must read for all new grads and young working professionals.  The art/science of dressing well is not easy to learn, yet Ms. Moreland presents helpful tips and techniques for acquiring the skill of dressing to impress and succeed. 


A Fabulous Graduation Gift Idea! Books are beautifully


packaged and ready to give as a gift!


Buy Inspiring Confidence for the New College Grad here.