Kyle Alexandra

Why do you need Kyle Alexandra?

What are the benefits of working with a wardrobe consultant?

Remember the last time you put on an outfit that made you feel like a million dollars - was it a dress you found for your friend's wedding, a business suit that gave you a little extra confidence, the perfect jacket and scarf that pulled together an outfit you wore to your son's football game? There is no reason that you shouldn't feel that great every morning when you go to your closet! Working with a wardrobe consultant can save you time and money by taking the guess work out of shopping for clothing. Kyle Alexandra will leave you with a well organized closet/wardrobe where every hand selected piece is a perfect fit, in your perfect colors that pair up with one another beautifully. And, best of all you will have an outfit ready for every occasion that life gives you!

What is Kyle Alexandra's approach to wardrobe consulting?

Kyle Alexandra's approach to wardrobe planning is quite simple - it is all about helping the client look and feel her best while enjoying the transformation process. Kyle Alexandra knows that no two clients are the same and all clients have different comfort zones when it comes to style. Kyle Alexandra works with all different fashion personalities/preferences. Kyle Alexandra believes that life is not a dress rehearsal and Kyle Alexandra's approach makes the process fun and enjoyable - we promise you will be happy with the end result.

Who is a typical client of Kyle Alexandra?

There is no such thing as typical client of Kyle Alexandra. Who couldn't use a little wardrobe tweak here and there? Kyle Alexandra works with women of all lifestyles, from stay-at-home moms to high-level professionals. Kyle Alexandra works with you, your lifestyle and budget and will give you exactly the transformation that you're looking for! Let your appearance enhance your inner self!