Kyle Alexandra

Meet Kyle

From a very young age Kyle was fascinated with clothes, fashion and style. Kyle's grandmother, Gigi, was Kyle's first fashion icon, as she was a true glamour girl- always dressed beautifully and fashionably, hair done and makeup on; her closet was filled with designer pieces. Dior, Pucci and Chanel. Not surprising that Gigi's closet was where Kyle spent most of her time when visiting her grandparents!

Earning two degrees in Marketing and Textiles, Kyle has worked in many different retail and corporate environments qualifying her to understand the appropriate dress for any event in life that one might encounter. Kyle is extremely enthusiastic about assisting clients - her goal is that her clients feel fantastic no matter where they are going or what they are doing.

With her keen eye for fashion, a strong sense of style, impeccable taste, and warm personality Kyle has helped today's women of all ages, shapes and sizes overcome fashion challenges and achieve their fashion goals. Kyle can advise the client in updating her style, introduce her to the art of accessorizing, search out the perfect pair of jeans, assist in a complete fashion makeover or recommend the perfect outfit for a special social or business event. In an effortless afternoon Kyle has taken clients from frumpy to fabulous - "What makes my job so rewarding is to see the first smile on a new client's face after she puts a terrific outfit on and looks in the mirror - I can tell she then feels as amazing as the woman she is."